"makes managing files easy"

Features of iWebFiles

Imagine yourself in your office. Yor work probably consists of working with documents of some sort. They could be contracts, building plans, photos, pretty much anything. Once in a while you require feedback or comments of some sort on these documents.

Makes managing files easy

iWebFiles browser iWebFiles is created using Oracle technologies such as XMLDB which means that storage of files are made in a both secure and robust manner. Our software runs equally good in full scale enterprise environments with large databases as in smaller instances. Even the free Oracle XE database is supported which makes this software easy to use and install even in enterprises where no Oracle pressens exist today.

Based on oracle technology

With combination of iWebFiles and Oracle Database. You can rapidly develop and deploy secure web Site for file collaboration. All you need is a web browser and an Oracle Database.

Centralized hosting of your files

iWebFiles unites the productivity, ease Of use and fexibility of a personal database with the security, integrity, scalability, availability and Web deployment options of an enterprise file collaboration solution.

You own your documents

Oracle DB Security controls - set various levels of view and edit permission, set up a time to auto-delete a file or deactivate a link, and password protect sensitive folders or files.

Accesible from the web

Using the Internet, project members can log into IwebFiles at any time to find out about the latest access and update information.

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Latest News

  • Version 1.0 of iWebFiles is out
  • Support for Firefox and Safari
  • iWebFiles now works on Oracle XE

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